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Tumbling Class

Tumbling Program

Our Tumbling Program is the perfect class for those who want to excel their gymnastics floor tumbling skills without having to do the other events that come along with doing gymnastics.  If you are one of these people, then this is the class for you!

Did you know that gymnastics tumbling is widely used to excel in other sports?  If you are interested in cheerleading, dance, karate, or break-dancing, our tumbling class is just what you need to spice up your skills.

Each tumbling class is one-hour long filled with non-stop skills and drills training.  We also throw in some strength and flexibility exercises for maximum results.

Do you plan to take full advantage of our tumbling classes and come all the time?  Then you need our punch card.  Our Punch card is an opportunity for you to get 6-one hour classes for a discounted rate.  Doesn’t that sound great?

So if this sounds like the program for you, call now!!  Class times and space are limited, so don’t get left behind.

Tumbling Classes:

Advanced Tumbling:

Wednesday 7:30 - 8:30 pm

All Levels of Tumbling:

Monday 7:30-8:30

Thursday 6-7:00, 7-8:00      

Saturday: 9-10:00am, 11-12:00pm

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News-Flash: Great Things

Cheerleading Is

  • Activities that are bonding opportunities around which the entire family can unite.
  • Team cohesion and performance is prized above individual talents and accomplishments.
  • Where no single individual makes a team successful; teams become successful through the collective talents and best efforts of all their members.
  • Where excellence in the classroom ranks as first priority; ahead of excellence in the gym, stadium, or field.
  • No substitute for hard work and preparation.
  • Perseverance, resourcefulness, and dedication will overcome obstacles and setbacks.
  • Closer friendships than those made through practicing, losing, and winning together as a team.
  • Small triumphs promote confidence, self-esteem, dedication, and desire paving the way for future, larger triumphs.
  • The performance arena is merely a practice area for the larger arena of life.

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