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In coming articles, I will give my views on creating the right program for each athlete. Some philosophies I have developed over my 20+ years of coaching and ideas you might use for your own fitness training.

June 1st seemed as good a day as any other to start so, I did. Though this blog I will give progress updates, as well as, give insight into coaching and training techniques that you might use or adapt for yourself. 

Oh yeah an occasional rant or two on coaching, parents or kids today might also be in order too. 

Fitness Training programs

Jun 2

The keys to ANY effective training program is to Plan, Prepare and Perform. So, many athletes and parents come into the gym with short term goals and perspectives. “Tryouts, Coach Tim are in two weeks can you help me learn....” or “We really want to make varsity this fall”. Look I’m not saying that these ideas are bad, but a lack of long term goals, a good assessment of where you are as an athlete, where you want to be and a plan of how we can get you there is the foundation of a good program. Not to mention it increases our level of success, which is the goal for all of us. 


Fitness I'm getting started

Jun 1 

Well it’s time, time to begin my quest to regain some level of fitness.  Like many I don’t know, or simply can’t remember, when I stopped “working out”. For some it might be the end of high-school or college sports. Yeah you try to do the “Club Fitness” thing but, one way or another you just “can’t find the time” or maybe like myself you just got “tired” of training and stopped. Me, I just stopped. Tired of long hours sweating in the gym. Riding the bike for 3-5 hours dodging potholes, bad drivers and sunburn. Or, running with shin splints (now that hurts).  Along the way I gained an extra 30 or so pounds! (meaning more and not less) 


Test blog post

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I'm testing out a new idea for our website, a coach's blog. We'll be adding to the blog soon. Please check back.


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