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GYMNASTIQUE International warmly welcomes you and your family to our facility. We have been a part of the Riverside community for over 20 years. Gymnastique has been host to fun in-house competitions, as well as, USAG State Championships. Nestled in the heart of downtown Riverside, we are conveniently accessible from the 60/91/215 freeway interchange awaiting your arrival.

The goal of our gymnastics, cheer and dance programs are to increase children's physical activity in a fun, safe, health-promoting environment. Our coaches strive to create an atmosphere that is exciting and educational for both beginners and experienced athletes while promoting confidence and self-esteem. We believe that children gain from increased physical activity with the added benefits of enhanced flexibility, strength, and coordination. Our coaches have experience working with children with special needs thru elite gymnasts. 

Giving Your Most... reflecting the caring philosophy of Gymnastique International. Through our determination in providing the most friendly and full service to each and every person who crosses our path.

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News-Flash: Great Things

Cheerleading Is

  • Activities that are bonding opportunities around which the entire family can unite.
  • Team cohesion and performance is prized above individual talents and accomplishments.
  • Where no single individual makes a team successful; teams become successful through the collective talents and best efforts of all their members.
  • Where excellence in the classroom ranks as first priority; ahead of excellence in the gym, stadium, or field.
  • No substitute for hard work and preparation.
  • Perseverance, resourcefulness, and dedication will overcome obstacles and setbacks.
  • Closer friendships than those made through practicing, losing, and winning together as a team.
  • Small triumphs promote confidence, self-esteem, dedication, and desire paving the way for future, larger triumphs.
  • The performance arena is merely a practice area for the larger arena of life.

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